Fishing Tips –  Area 7 of the San Juan Islands provides a multitude of fishing opportunities. Last year some of the hot spots were:

Point Thompson – located on the North side of Orcas Island, Pt. Thompson can be a blessing if the south wind is blowing too strong. Fish generally from the point out towards the channel marker on the reef in the middle of the channel. Watch your depth sounder and try to stay just off the shelf that runs out towards the middle of the channel. Generally you will be in 80 – 120 ft of water.  Sometimes trolling up and Easterly along the shore towards Pt. Lawrence can be productive also. Might be a problem to stay along the shelf with heavy tide flows.

Pt Lawrence – located at the Eastern most corner of Orcas Island, Pt. Lawrence is a favorite spot for many local fisherman. It is easy to fish and can accommodate a fairly large number of boats. Fishing is usually best on the ebb tide and can get really good around tide change. Fish generally north and south from the point down to “Sea Acres”. The bottom is fairly sandy and level except for around the point. It comes up quick so be ready on those downriggers!

Pt. Thompson-Lawrence Map

Obstruction Pass – located between Orcas Island and Obstruction Island this area can produce some big fish. More challenging to fish because of the strong currents and rugged bottom.  Fish between the islands and around Obstruction Point. Since this is a fairly small area, most boats try to line up in the same pattern to make passes.

Presidents Channel – West Beach – more than one winning fish for various derbies have been caught in this area.

The Hummer Hole – with a name like this it has to be good. Located at the Northwest end of Sucia Island. Best fished on the flood. You can fish all the way up into the pass as it stays deep until you get right inside the pass. Fish along the rocks and also out into deeper water. Be careful on the ebb tide. You can get pushed into the shoal that juts out.

Eagle Bluff – located on the west side of Cypress Island. Shown on the maps as Eagle Harbor. Best fished on the flood. Fish in about 90 ft of water from near the bluff across the rock point and down toward Tide Point. It gets shallow as you get into the south bay but fish get pushed into here. The bottom is pretty flat and sandy except right around the point.

San Juan Channel North Map

San Juan Cannel South Map

Rosario Map

Typical Gear

Pretty much the same as other areas of Puget Sound. Using a downrigger with a flasher/squid combo or coyote spoon is usually productive. Most of the fishing is done around structure as the best fishing areas are usually near one of the islands. Fishing from 80 ft down to 120 ft. is most common with about 90 ft. being the sweet spot. Most of the time you’ll be tracking the bottom. But there is always that exception when you’ll catch one at 60ft. Who knows.