Puget Sound Anglers Mission Statement

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We are the Puget Sound Anglers. We are dedicated to preserving quality fisheries. We believe that our salmon resources can be restored with sound biological management. We believe in the comradeship and wishes of fellow sport fishing anglers. We believe our grandchildren can have a higher quality fishery than any of us ever had.

Puget Sound Anglers Platform

  1. Recreational fishing is an important part of our culture and way of life.
  2. Our fisheries should be managed for conservation of the resource first and secondly to provide quality, sustainable recreational fisheries.
  3. We support full enforcement of our fisheries laws, rules and agreements.
  4. We support Hatchery Reform.
  5. Adopted on Saturday April 15, 2006 at the Puget Sound Anglers State Board meeting

Puget Sound Anglers Mission Statement

The Puget Sound Anglers us an organization of independent chapters, with common goals and interests, bound only by integrity and fellowship, with the goal of preserving, protecting and enhancing the sport fisheries of Washington State.

The general outline of the organization is for each chapter to remain an independent nature. The State Board was formed with members from each of the chapters and is responsible to those chapters. The State Board is to assist in forming new chapters and promote membership. In addition, it is to help communications among the chapters regarding fund raising and projects of interest to all.

Puget Sound Anglers Position Statement

The Puget Sound Anglers organization exists to enhance the opportunities for sport fishing through educational, scientific, governmental and other activities consistent with the preservation and enhancement of fishery resources. We work for the benefit of our members, affiliated organizations, and others in the recreational fishing community who share our view that common sense and good science is critical to the proper management of our fishery resources. Changes in our position statements may occur when new information relating to the issue becomes available.

Puget Sound Anglers will fight to protect access and keep recreational fishing open on all waters of the state unless there is a clear indication that recreational sport fishers are the primary cause of a specific conservation problem and that less severe conservation measures, such as gear restrictions, bag limits, size restrictions, quotas, or closed seasons will not adequately provide for conservation and management of the affected stocks of concern.

If closed areas are proposed to be established, any such closure must be supported by the best available scientific information with the area identified by specific land points or latitude/longitude boundaries. Additionally, any closed area regulation shall include specific measurable criteria to determine the conservation benefit of the closed area on the affected stocks of fish and shall sunset at the end of three years unless scientific data is presented to maintain the closure. Continuance of the closure will be on an annual basis to allow for periodic review of the continued need for the closed area. If the closure is not supported by the scientific evidence collected, the closed area will be re-opened to recreational fishing in the next regulation cycle by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission.