Moorage – The Port of Bellingham has graciously allowed us to reserve dock space for Derby participants. The dock is one of the guest docks located next to the launch ramp at Squalicum Harbor. It is a 550 ft. dock and can accommodate up to 20 or 30 boats, depending on the sizes. Anyone using the dock must register with the Harbormaster. This must be done by filling out a registration slip. Registration slips can be found across from the restrooms at the main boat launch area in the Harbor Center. Or you can contact the Harbor office 676-2542. The cost is 75¢ per foot per day ($18.00 min.) and includes power and water. Rafting of boats is allowed on this dock. Please contact us in advance if you want to use the guest dock so we can notify the Harbor Master of the approximate number of boats that we expect to be moored there.

Deer Harbor – Additional moorage facilities are available at Deer Harbor on Orcas Island. A weigh station will also be available here, see contest rules for more information on weigh stations and times. More information about the facilities at Deer Harbor can be obtained by contacting Mark Broman, 360-376-3037. Last year I hear they had quite a party there Saturday Night.  There also is a small inn here if you prefer a real bed. Contact The Dear Harbor Inn. You can also contact Bellingham Club member Mike Stenevich, 360-988-5106 for more information on the events planned at Deer Harbor.

Sucia Island – One of the outstanding places in the San Juans for boaters is the State Park at Sucia Island. If you want to stay on your boat or if you want to camp, this would be an excellent choice. Here is a link to a great website that explains everything about the island.


Squalicum Harbor

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Squalicum Inner Harbor

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